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长评:It probably goes without saying, but in my opinion"Still Alice" isright up there among this year's best pictures.And what ultimately makes author Lisa Genova's debut bestselling novelso personal, yet so universal and identifiable in it's messages, arethe performances. Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart are a part of astrong supporting cast, that will leave a lasting impression in yourmind and it will be more than deserved. Both of their characters wereso real - warm, supportive and earthly. And while both Baldwin andStewart have taken the occasional misstep in their respective pasts,both of them once again showed without a doubt their acting abilitiesand scope, a word linguistics professor Dr. Alice Howland used, albeitwith great difficulties, to describe her daughter Lydia (played byStewart) in one point of the film.And what a performance by Julianne Moore that was! She essentially madean already rich character in Alice, a frankly too young Alzheimer'sdisease patient, who also happens to be a renown linguistics professor,even more dimensional and rich. Moore's Alice is a strong, intelligentwoman when we first meet her at her birthday at the beginning of thefilm. At that moment, Moore is confident and full of purpose. As shegets diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer's disease, that herchildren might have inherited from her, and time goes by, Alice becomesa shadow of herself, whose mental health deteriorates at an alarminglyfast rate. And that is the part that Moore portrayed with such skilland graceful pain, that the viewer can't help but get irreversiblyemotionally involved with her character. We feel for her, we cry withher, we wish she would get better, although it is clear that is sadlynot going to happen. And Moore's Alice knows it as well. And that makesthe journey through her story even more challenging, difficult andpainful for the viewer. Or as Beverly Beckham of The Boston Globe putit"This is Alice Howland's story, for as long as she can tell it".The film was directed and adapted by Richard Glatzer and WashWestmoreland, who share both the writing and directing duties on almostall of their projects to date. The two somehow complete each other andfind the balance, that is needed to tell such a delicate story in amanner, which can do it proper justice.I will probably be the only one saying this, but I thought the scorewas tremendous as well. Kudos goes to composer Ilan Eshkeri, who did anamazing job on the film. The music is often intense and minimalistic,it feels like it is just an addition to the already rich environmentthe characters find themselves in and I would love to see at least anomination at the Oscars for Eshkeri, although I highly doubt it.So, to wrap it up in a nutshell: Still Alice is a wonderful film, anintimate and fascinating study in the field of family drama, and one ofthe year's best. I definitely hope to see some awards buzz mainlyaround the cast - both Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart deserve it fortheir delicate and supportive portrayal of husband John and youngestdaughter Lydia, respectively, who never gave up on Moore's Alice. AndJulianne Moore - well, what can I say - her brutally sad and honestportrayal of Alice deserves to go down in the books of top-notch actingand she will reap the fruits of her work a long time from now (well,mostly, at the end of February, I hope).So it is a nine out of ten stars from me, only because I felt therecould have been more screen time for the other children in the Howlandfamily, and therefore the film could have been at least 10-15 minuteslonger. But solely on Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart'simpeccable acting, I say this film is among the very best in thesubject and also among the best titles this year.短评:Still Alice is a realistic and emotional story of a woman living withAlzheimer's disease. Julianne Moore successfully shows the struggle,confusion, anger, pain and isolation of having such a disease throughher incredible performance. She allows the audience to see what havingAlzheimer's could possibly be like. This film also has an amazingscreenplay, a screenplay that is raw and honest. There is also a greatensemble performance from the cast, featuring Alec Baldwin as thesupportive and loving husband. The movie definitely makes the viewerthink deeply about aspects of life such as memories, family, loss andbewilderment which are all addressed in Still Alice. See this film fora moving story, but mostly for Moore's miraculous performance. Itwouldn't be a surprise if she won Best Actress in the upcoming AcademyAwards.如对于我的解答有问题,欢迎继续追问~如果满意,请点击“采纳为满意答案”,谢谢:)